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Advising local councils.

Through personal conversations with council representatives ‘’ clarifies what the wishes and needs are concerning children and youth participation and which solutions are aimed for. By means of expert-based consultation, ‘’ supports councils in successfully involving young people in the community.

Workshops with young people...

Whether via Future Workshops or Open Space, children and young people work out their thoughts on the current situation through appropriate methods. They are allowed to have visions and develop concrete ideas and options for implementing them in real life situations.

Local Children’s Council and Youth Forum...

Within a well-structured, age-appropriate framework, opportunities are provided for representative participation in the community. Young people live and experience democracy and are involved in dialogue with the decision-makers and experience at first-hand so that their wishes and needs are taken seriously in the community.

Sustainable participation structures...

Community requires not only committed people but also structures to support them in their work. Participation can and should happen everywhere. ‘’ supports local councils, schools and open youth work in structurally anchoring co-determination and real collaboration in their work, so that participation opportunities and long-term cooperation are guaranteed for all.

Development of Mission Statements for Youth Policy

Councils and Regions are supported in the development of mission statements and models for youth policy, and the young people are involved in this process. Using methods appropriate for young people, their needs, wishes and ideas are gathered and formulated into thematic areas and concrete project ideas.

Political Participation…

Socio-political involvement in as many areas of society as possible can create continuity and reliability in cooperative action. Events, training courses and workshops are used to communicate how the goals of a society are determined communally.

A prerequisite for awareness of the fact that political decisions can be influenced on all levels is to know about the respective political system. ‘’ supports young people in grappling in diverse ways with the topic of democracy and political institutions.

Further training and education.

For people active in youth work and for those who wish to integrate the concerns of young people in their work, ‘’ provides further training and education. Well-founded theoretical knowledge and method tools are the core competences which ‘’ conveys in seminars, workshops, symposiums and networking meetings.


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