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What is participation?

Child and youth participation means…

… that children and young people have a right to be consulted on all decision-making processes which directly affect them.

… that young people are actively involved in dialogue, decision-making and action-taking i.e. work with kids and young people instead of work for them. After all, kids and young people are the experts when it comes to questions of quality of life in communities!

Participation structures are of use to…

… children and young people themselves of course. They are taken seriously as equal partners in the dialogue, and they have the opportunity to contribute their creativity and commitment to the community and implement ideas.

… adults. They profit from the creative potential of young people and are able to build up cross-generational communication structures. A community worth living in for adults is only possible if it is also a child- and youth-friendly environment.

… all stakeholders because democracy becomes tangible and liveable.

‘’ supports…

… Councils and regions in the course of very diverse participation processes.

… via information, support, consultation und facilitation. External support has a high value and priority in child and youth involvement, as a neutral external person is able to view the process from another perspective and thereby guarantee a balance of interests.

‘’ pledges to follow …

… the ”Beutelsbach Consensus“ in its work with children and young people (guidelines for modern political education in the German speaking world): ban on outvoting, the precept of controversiality or fair balance, pupil orientation.

… The Austrian Competence Model for Political Education, which enlarges on the basic decree of 1978 “The Educational Principle of Political Education“. Through its work ‘’ supports all the varied capacities and competences of young people including critical, factual, methodic and action skills.