Verein | Die Fachstelle für Kinder-, Jugend- und BürgerInnenbeteiligung

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‘’ promotes and supports the development of participation models for children, young people and adult citizens.

Consultation, back-up guidance, promotion and implementation of democratic co-determination, involvement and representative participation models for and with all members of the community, especially for children and young people, should contribute to improving the quality of life and promoting democratic life together in the community. The improvement of child-friendly, youth-friendly and thus family-friendly living conditions is the central concern of these participation processes, with great value being laid on the knowledge and ability of all the participating groups to find working solutions.

By promoting a democratic and cross-generational culture of dialogue, involvement and co-determination, the concerns of all participants can be taken into consideration in communal politics.

By encouraging early involvement in shaping their living environment, we wish to acquaint children and young people with democratic processes and underline the importance of participating in political elections.

The ‘’ team has set itself the following methodic principles and strives continually to develop these further:

  • Promoting independence and personal responsibility
  • Involvement of all stakeholders (target group diversity)
  • Activation and coaching
  • Appreciative and respectful support for the process
  • Low-threshold and target group-oriented
  • Clarity in consultations and agreements
  • Target group-oriented transfer of specialist and political knowledge
  • Communicative exchange, further development and networking
  • Quality management and documentation incl. reflexion and evaluation
  • Sustainability

The work of ‘’ focuses on the following areas:

  • Participation workshops with children and young people
  • The Local Children’s Council and the Local Youth Council
  • Youth forums
  • The development of mission statements for youth policy for local councils
  • Regional demand surveys
  • Development of concepts and simulation games for promoting the understanding of democracy
  • Political participation
  • Development of democracy in schools
  • Cross-generational dialogue events and facilitating local citizen meetings
  • Information events and further training events on a regional, national und international level (series of seminars, awareness-raising workshops for decision-makers, administrative staff, multipliers and interested groups or persons)
  • Empirical monitoring of participation processes
  • Publications on the theme of participation

Target groups

  • Children
  • Young people
  • Local citizens
  • Mayors
  • Decision-makers in local councils, associations, organisations and in administration